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There is a list of medications containing "Cetirizine Dihydrochloride" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Cetirizine Dihydrochloride medications The last trade name of products
Abicet Abicet - Alcet Alcet
Alercet Alercet - Alerrid Alerrid
Alersol Alersol - Allergica Allergica
Aller-Go Aller-Go - Apo-Cetirizine Apo-Cetirizine
Apoliz Apoliz - Bluetec Bluetec
Bogotizin Bogotizin - Cerzin Cerzin
Cet Cet - Cetimin Cetimin
Cetin Cetin - Cetirizin (Aristo Pharmaceuticals) Cetirizin (Aristo Pharmaceuticals)
Cetirizin (Aurobindo) Cetirizin (Aurobindo) - Cetirizin (Generics UK) Cetirizin (Generics UK)
Cetirizin (Hemopharm) Cetirizin (Hemopharm) - Cetirizin (Zentiva) Cetirizin (Zentiva)
Cetirizin AL Direkt Cetirizin AL Direkt - Cetirizina (Apotex) Cetirizina (Apotex)
Cetirizina (Arena Group) Cetirizina (Arena Group) - Cetirizina (Cuvefarma Laboratorio) Cetirizina (Cuvefarma Laboratorio)
Cetirizina (Davur Laboratorios) Cetirizina (Davur Laboratorios) - Cetirizina (Farmalabor Produtos Farmaceuticos) Cetirizina (Farmalabor Produtos Farmaceuticos)
Cetirizina (Farmoz Sociedade Tecnico-Medicinal) Cetirizina (Farmoz Sociedade Tecnico-Medicinal) - Cetirizina (Jaba Farmaceutica) Cetirizina (Jaba Farmaceutica)
Cetirizina (Kern Pharma) Cetirizina (Kern Pharma) - Cetirizina (Merckle) Cetirizina (Merckle)
Cetirizina (Midy) Cetirizina (Midy) - Cetirizina (Ratiopharm) Cetirizina (Ratiopharm)
Cetirizina (Rider Laboratorios) Cetirizina (Rider Laboratorios) - Cetirizina (West Pharma Produccoes de Especialidades Farmaceutica) Cetirizina (West Pharma Produccoes de Especialidades Farmaceutica)
Cetirizina (Winthrop Pharmaceuticals) Cetirizina (Winthrop Pharmaceuticals) - Cetirizine (ADOH) Cetirizine (ADOH)
Cetirizine (Aesica Pharmaceuticals) Cetirizine (Aesica Pharmaceuticals) - Cetirizine (Fair-Med Healthcare) Cetirizine (Fair-Med Healthcare)
Cetirizine (GalPharm International) Cetirizine (GalPharm International) - Cetirizine (Mediq) Cetirizine (Mediq)
Cetirizine (Nepenthes Laboratoire) Cetirizine (Nepenthes Laboratoire) - Cetirizine (Stada) Cetirizine (Stada)
Cetirizine (Takata Pharmaceutical) Cetirizine (Takata Pharmaceutical) - Cetirizine OGB Cetirizine OGB
Cetirizinedihydrochloride Cetirizinedihydrochloride - Cetixin Cetixin
Cetizin Cetizin - Cetrin Cetrin
Cetrine Cetrine - Cetzet Cetzet
Cez Cez - Daewonrizine Daewonrizine
Damma Damma - Etric Etric
Ezaller Ezaller - Heperpoll Maca Heperpoll Maca
Highcera Highcera - Histamed Histamed
Histasin Histasin - Intrizin Intrizin
Kalven Kalven - Mantab Mantab
Miseda Miseda - Ozen Ozen
Pharmaler Pharmaler - Ressital Ressital
Rhitecin Rhitecin - Robcetirizin Robcetirizin
Rozine Rozine - Setiritsiinidihydrokloridi Setiritsiinidihydrokloridi
Sider Sider - Starzine Starzine
Suspiria Suspiria - Tizine Tizine
Tradaxin Tradaxin - Visertral Visertral
Welcet Welcet - Zetri Zetri
Zetrinal Zetrinal - Zyllergy Zyllergy
Zynabrat Zynabrat - Zytizine Zytizine

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